The TRF1208 is a 10MHz to 11GHz, 3dB bandwidth, single-ended to differential amplifier

The TRF1208 is an AD7940BRJZ-REEL7 high performance RF amplifier optimized for radio frequency (RF) applications. This device is ideal for AC-coupled applications that require single-ended to differential conversion when driving analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) such as the high-performance ADC12DJ5200RF. On-chip matching components simplify printed circuit board (PCB) implementation and provide the highest performance within the available bandwidth. The device is fabricated on Texas Instruments' advanced complementary BiCMOS process in a space-saving WQFN-FCRLF package.

It operates from a single rail supply and consumes approximately 138 mA of active current. The power-off function can also be used to save power.


Excellent single-ended-to-differential conversion performance as an ADC driver

Can also operate in differential to single-ended mode as a DAC buffer

11 GHz, 3-dB bandwidth

8 GHz, 1 dB gain flatness

●Fixed SE to 16 dB Diff power gain

●OIP3 performance:

○ 37 dBm at 2 GHz

○ 32 dBm at 6 GHz

●P1dB performance:

○ 15 dBm at 2 GHz

○ 12.5 dBm at 6 GHz

●Noise figure:

○ 7 dB at 2 GHz

○ 7 dB at 8 GHz

●Gain and phase unbalance: ±0.3 dB / ±3 degrees

●Power down function

●3.3 V single power supply

● Active current: 138 mA


●Direct drive RF sampling or Gsps ADC

●For aerospace and defense applications, supports up to X-band

●High linearity supporting next-generation 5G systems

●Low noise figure, providing better signal integrity

● Reduced system size, small footprint and elimination of passive RF baluns

●Low-power, power-down mode with digital PD control to optimize system design

●Phased array radar

●Military radio

●High-speed digitizer

●4G/5G wireless base station

●RF active balun

●Test and measurement


Second harmonic (dBc): -52

Third harmonic (dBc): -56

@MHz: 6000

About. Price (USD): 1ku | 35.000

Architecture: Fully Differential ADC Driver

[email protected] (MHz): 11000

Features: off

Number of channels (#): 1

Operating temperature range (°C): -40 to 105

Type: RF FDA

Total Supply Voltage (Min) (+5V=5, +/-5V=10): 3.2

Total Supply Voltage (Max) (+5V=5, +/-5V=10): 3.45