The OPA4H014-SEP is a radiation-hardened quad, 11-MHz, low-noise, precision RRIO JFET amplifier in space-enhanced plastic

The OPA4H014-SEP is a low power JFET input operational amplifier (op amp) with good drift and low input bias current. With input ranges that include V– and rail-to-rail outputs, designers can take advantage of the low-noise properties of JFET amplif

REF35 is a 0.68µA Quiescent Current, 6ppm/°C Drift, Ultra Low Power Precision Voltage Reference

The REF35 is a nanopower, low drift, high precision family of reference devices. The REF35 family has a high initial accuracy of ±0.05 % and typically consumes less than 700 nA. Low temperature drift (10 ppm/°C) and long term drift (20 ppm @ 10

The LDC3114 is a 4-channel inductance-to-digital converter for low-power proximity and touch button sensing

The LMK1D1208I is an I2C programmable LVDS clock AD5293BRUZ-100 buffer. The device features two inputs and eight pairs of differential LVDS clock outputs (OUT0 to OUT7) with minimal clock distribution skew. Inputs can be LVDS, LVPECL, LVCMOS, HCSL or CML.

LOG114 is a precision high speed logarithmic amplifier with 2.5V reference and non-dedicated output op amp

The LOG114 is designed for measuring low level and wide dynamic range currents in communication, laser, medical and industrial systems. The device calculates the logarithm or logarithmic ratio of an input current or voltage relative to a reference current

INA301 is a 36V, 550kHz, 4V/μs, high precision current sense amplifier with comparator

The INA301 includes a high common mode current sense amplifier and a high speed comparator configured to detect overcurrent conditions by measuring the voltage developed across the current sense or shunt resistor and comparing this voltage to a defined th

TPS92314A is a high current offline primary side sensing controller with PFC in 8-SOIC

The TPS92314A is an offline controller specifically designed to drive high power LEDs for lighting applications. Features include adaptive constant on-time control and quasi-resonant switching. Resonant switching reduces EMI signatures and improves system

IWR1443 is a single-chip 76GHz to 81GHz mmWave sensor with integrated MCU and hardware accelerator

The IWR1443 device is an integrated single-chip mmWave sensor based on FMCW radar technology capable of operating in the 76 to 81 GHz frequency band with continuous chirp up to 4 GHz. Fabricated on TI's low-power 45-nm RFCMOS process, the solution ena

DRV135 is an audio balanced line driver available in SOIC-8

The DRV134 and DRV135 are differential output amplifiers that convert a single-ended input into a balanced output pair. These ADS5272IPFPT balanced audio drivers consist of high performance op amps with on-chip precision resistors. They are fully suited f

The TRF1208 is a 10MHz to 11GHz, 3dB bandwidth, single-ended to differential amplifier

The TRF1208 is an AD7940BRJZ-REEL7 high performance RF amplifier optimized for radio frequency (RF) applications. This device is ideal for AC-coupled applications that require single-ended to differential conversion when driving analog-to-digital converte

AMC60304 is a quad-channel EML monitor and controller with 200mA IDAC and multi-channel ADC

The AMC60304 is a highly integrated low power analog AD260AND-3 monitor and controller optimized for high current output. The device includes four 12-bit current output digital-to-analog converters (IDACs), a 12-bit, 1MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC

L5980 0.7A Buck Switching Regulator

feature0.7A DC output current2.9 V to 18 V input voltageOutput Voltage Adjustable from 0.6 V250 kHz switching frequency, programmable up to 1 MHzInternal soft-start and inhibitLow dropout operation: 100% duty cyclevoltage feedforwardNo-load current operat

The OPA2172 is a dual, 36V, 10MHz, low power operational amplifier

The OPA172, OPA2172 and OPA4172 (OPA172) are a family of 36V, single supply, low noise operational amplifiers capable of operating from +4.5V (±2.25V) to +36V supplies (±18 V). The latest addition of high voltage CMOS op amps, along with the

The OPA455 is a 150V, wide bandwidth 6.5MHz, high slew rate 32V/μs unity gain stable operational amplifier

The OPA455 is a high-voltage (150-V), high-current drive (45-mA), ADS5273IPFP unity-gain stable operational amplifier with a gain-bandwidth product of 6.5 MHz and a slew rate of 32 V/us. Due to the wide output range of the amplifier, the device is an exce

The ONET8551T is an 11.3-Gbps limiting transimpedance amplifier with RSSI

The ONET8551T device is an AD9238BST-20 high speed, high gain, limiting transimpedance amplifier for optical receivers at data rates up to 11.3 Gbps. It features low input-referred noise, 9GHz bandwidth, 10kΩ small-signal transimpedance, and a recei

AoX Bluetooth direction finding technology has a bright future

The direction measurement positioning of Bluetooth AoX is different from the previous positioning based on Bluetooth beacons or RSSI. The positioning accuracy based on Bluetooth beacons or RSSI is not very high (although it is also meter-level positioning

The MAX25208 is a versatile automotive 60V/70V 2.2MHz step-down controller with 7 μIQs and selectable bypass mode

The MAX25206/MAX25207/MAX25208 are automotive 2.2MHz synchronous step-down controller ICs with 7 μIQs. The IC's input voltage range is 3.5V to 60V (MAX25206/7) and 70V (MAX25208). They can operate at 99% (typ) duty cycle to exit state. These contro

The OPA2377 is a low cost, low noise, 5MHz CMOS operational amplifier

The OPA377 family of operational amplifiers are wide bandwidth CMOS amplifiers that provide very low noise, low input bias current, and low offset voltage while operating at a low quiescent current of 0.76mA (typ).The OPA377 op amp is optimized for low-vo

Mediatek reveals 5G smartphone chips

Dimensity 920 includes hardware-based 4K HDR video capture, supporting up to four concurrent cameras and sensors up to 108Mpixel, and the company is claiming a 9% boost in gaming performance compared to its Dimensity 900 predecessor. An octa-core Arm Cort

Kioxia speeds and slims its 3D UFS flash memories

Aimed at mobile applications, its ‘universal flash storage’ (UFS) version 3.1 devices improve performance by 30% for random read and 40% for random write, making them faster than their predecessors, according to the company, which added that,

Intel has new roadmap, but can it stay on course?

Intel’s unveiling earlier this week of a multi-year processing and packaging technology roadmap that leverages several new technology innovations was a bold declaration that the company is aiming to regain its edge and doesn’t intend to yield

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